CANVAS 2016 will be held at the University of Victoria on June 3rd to June 5th. The 2016 summer school, presented by CANVAC and VARDEC, will be held following the annual 2016 AI/GI/CRV Conference at the University of Victoria, May 31st to June 3rd, 2016. AI/GI/CRV is a collaboration of three leading conferences: Artificial Intelligence 2016, Graphics Interface 2016 and Computer and Robot Vision 2016.

The CANVAS Summer School series has provided Canadian high quality personnel (HQP) from CANVAC member universities with an opportunity to learn about visual analytics (VA) from both academic and industry experts in the VA field. Past CANVAS events have typically included a focused VA learning experience for participating students as well as more general VA-related talks by industry experts and academic researchers. CANVAS 2016 will continue this format.


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The Canadian Network for Visual Analytics (CANVAC) is a Canadian Not-for-profit Corporation, designed to address the needs of a growing visual analytics (VA) research community in Canada by supporting the requirements of VA stakeholders, i.e., researchers, developers, and user organizations. CANVAC has the following goals:

  • To promote the development of visual analytics and expertise in Canada.
  • To support and promote education and training in visual analytics in academia and industry.
  • To promote and represent the Canadian visual analytics community internationally.

CANVAC members include Canadian universities pioneering VA research, and related government research agencies and industrial research organizations. Founding academic members, the University of British ColumbiaSimon Fraser University and Dalhousie University, have been joined by the University of AlbertaUniversity of CalgaryYork UniversityOCAD University and University of New Brunswick.

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The Visual Analytics Research and Development Consortium of Canada (VARDEC) is an industry led consortium with a mandate to develop and commercialize the latest visual analytics (VA) applications and technologies.

VARDEC brings together major aerospace companies and small-to-medium sized enterprises to develop and transform the latest technical and academic knowledge into practical solutions that will enhance Canada’s global competitiveness and lead to a greater diffusion of the latest in visual analytic technologies and applications.

The Consortium assists in advancing technological capabilities and building stronger relationships between Canadian and international aerospace firms, as well as, global visual analytic software and services providers.

Industry led multiple and single partner research projects are performed at various locations across Canada at industry, research laboratory and university locations leveraging the most appropriate resources and capabilities to complete the project

VARDEC was formed in 2013 in cooperation with Mitacs Inc. headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Canadian Network for Visual Analytics (CANVAC) and The Boeing Company. Founding Canadian member companies include nGrain (Canada) Corp. and Convergent Manufacturing Technologies.

VARDEC is aligned with the Government of Canada’s Industrial & Technological Benefits (ITB) agreements with international partners, such as The Boeing Company, by helping to create key, strategic technology investments in the Canadian economy. These agreements are the result of the awarding of defense and security-related contracts by the Government of Canada to international partners that mandate offset expenditures.

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